Person-Centered Training

Working Together to Help People Reach their Full Potential

Starting with Person‐Centered Thinking Training—the first four training options listed on the Menu below build upon each other toward creating a sustainable culture of person‐centeredness. Training sessions can focus on one menu item at a time, or can be a combination of any or all session to provide a broader understanding of person‐centered practices, linking the different aspects into a more comprehensive training experience.

Our face‐to‐face training sessions are designed to be interactive—utilizing workgroups, hands‐on activities (e.g., role play), and attendee participation to enhance learning opportunities.

Person-Centered Training Options

To help fulfill the needs of providers, Delmarva Foundation offers a menu of five training sessions:

PCT Menu PCT Training PC Practices PC Documentation Sustainable PC

Providers will be able to select from an array of options to customize training to meet the unique needs of their staff.

Click on each to learn more about what each training offers.

Background and Experience

With over 30 years of experience in quality assurance, quality improvement, and training—coupled with the expertise of our certified trainers—Delmarva Foundation provides the tools needed to design and implement person‐centered training for the best results. More >>

Our Perspective

Delmarva Foundation’s programs are deeply rooted in the philosophies of person‐centeredness, community integration, and the promotion of choice and independence. We have the capacity to train others to embrace this philosophy and practice using highly qualified staff—including nine Person‐Centered Thinking Trainers who are nationally certified through The Learning Community.

We have a thorough understanding of how service delivery systems work in both community‐based and institutional programs. As a part of our practices, we promote the person’s ability to direct services and supports received from qualified professionals, case managers, direct service providers, family members, and natural supports. Our comprehensive knowledge of person‐centered practices and planning—along with our direct experience developing training for a variety of audiences and purposes—places us in a position to quickly implement effective person‐centered planning and practice training sessions for Texas.

If you are interested in contacting Delmarva Foundation to learn more about our training sessions, please contact us at 1-866-755-3506.