qiopsQuality and patient safety form the foundation of Delmarva Foundation's work. The definitions of quality have evolved since the organization began in 1973—different schools of thought have come and gone. However, the fundamentals have remained the same since the science of quality began in the early 1900s with the work of such legends as Walter Shewhart, Edwards Deming, Genichi Taguchi, and Joseph Juran. Delmarva Foundation has grown from a PSRO to a PRO to an Atlantic Quality Innovation Network (AQIN) member, changing to meet the needs of government programs while ensuring that patients receive appropriate, timely, and cost-effective care. We continue to learn from industry thought leaders, while maintaining our focus on the fundamentals of improvement:

  • Knowledge of causation
  • Knowledge of statistics and variation
  • Knowledge of the psychology of change
  • Knowledge of system, processes and flow
  • Knowledge of the customer

When "patient safety" became the watchword of the 1990s, Delmarva Foundation was at the leading edge of collaboration and quality improvement. We have routinely brought together experts in the field, key stakeholders in health care, policy-makers, and providers of care to discuss specific topics of patient safety. Through the application of solid fundamentals and our deep knowledge of health care, we are able to create custom solutions for the changing needs of those who care for our nation's population, in whatever setting they practice.